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 State Fairs

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SOVA Supporter
SOVA Supporter

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PostSubject: State Fairs   20th August 2008, 5:15 pm

Anybody have a state fair coming up? The Minnesota State Fair begins tomorrow.

I've always enjoyed the fair. All the rides and food... It's a great way to finish off an otherwise miserable, hot summer.

It's also where I learned about "Pokemon" for the first time in 1998; there were little fliers for the show at the booth of the station that would show it (UPN at that time). It got me psyched for the beginning.
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SOVA Supporter
SOVA Supporter

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PostSubject: Re: State Fairs   20th August 2008, 5:23 pm

Oh that reminds's not a state fair, but it's a cool street fair that's held every year at the end of summer. I can't WAIT! It's not spectacular; but it's pretty cool! Feast (fair) here I come! =P
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SOVA Supporter
SOVA Supporter

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PostSubject: Re: State Fairs   20th August 2008, 5:56 pm

Eww. I heard the Minnesota State Fair has some bad cream puffs. (according to my cousins)

The Wisconsin State Fair was from July 28th - August 10th. It was pretty kick ass because I got some new stuff and a new phone. =D
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SOVA Supporter
SOVA Supporter

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PostSubject: Re: State Fairs   20th August 2008, 6:45 pm

My state fair is coming up, but my Grandmother told me never to trust the rides. She said that she saw a hidden camera video on Inside Edition showing drunks and drug addicts setting up and inspecting the rides.
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PostSubject: Re: State Fairs   

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State Fairs
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