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 My expertise guidelines

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SOVA's Zeo Ranger 5

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PostSubject: My expertise guidelines   My expertise guidelines Icon_minitime13th August 2008, 1:31 am

Often I'm asked for technical help on how to do something on the computer, either with the operating system or the computer itself. Here I'll tell you what my knowledge covers so that you'll know if I have an answer or not. Of course even though I'm certified, it doesn't mean I know everything there is to know. However, I'd like to help out anyone who has problems or even simply they just want to know what something means. Anyway, this is the kind of stuff I know.

Operating Systems
The operating systems that I cover are...

Windows 95
Windows 98 First (Gold)/Second Edition
Windows Me
Windows 2000 Professional and basic Server skills
Windows XP Home Edition/Professional
Windows Vista (Haven't received any training on it but still knowledgeable about it)

Things I don't cover or lack knowledge about...

Mac OS X
Linux (extremely basic knowledge)
Novell Netware

Computer Hardware

Basically things here you can ask me about the different parts in a computer like video cards, sound cards, modems, ethernet cards, CD-ROM drives, power supplies, memory, etc. I know just about everything inside a computer and I've built and rebuilt a number of them over the years. I can't tell you about the best types of things though as I don't go into that. So don't be asking me questions like what is the best video card I can buy because I don't know. I'm not that geeky. lol

So, that being said. I'll help you as best as I can if your question falls into those boundaries. Since I'm being so nice in offer in this type of help, all I ask is one thing. If I can't answer your question, please don't get mad or upset with me. I don't know everything and I'm still learning things myself. Also, I might not be able to answer something right away so if you don't hear a response within minutes of posting, don't pester me. I'll get to it. So, I'm now open for questions. Just make a new thread in here and I'll do my best. ^_^

Also note, this forum isn't meant for questions on gaming platforms. So don't be asking me questions about the DS, Wii, Playstation, Gameboy, N64, whatever. That's way beyond my knowledge.

Tommy, aka Brian
Computer/Network Tech Specialist
CompTia A+ Professional

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My expertise guidelines
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